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With Deductibles

It is an amount (250 EGP), that's placed at the time of issuance of any policy and in the case of the client's request to delete this deductible the price increases.

It is known and agreed that the insured will pay the 250 EGP for each accident.

Without Deductibles

If the customer chooses this option, the price will be reduced.

It is known and agreed upon that the insured will pay 0.004 times the amount of insurance for each accident.

For Example:
The price of the vehicle is 300,000 EGP and the price is 4% + The total installments net which will be 12,780 EGP (250 EGP + Dealership + theft). If the customer chooses the without the deductibles optional than, 4% of the insurance, the price will be reduced by 20% Is 3.2% ++ net and therefore the total installment will be 10240 EGP (endurance 250 EGP + 0.004+ Dealership + theft).

Note: 4 per thousand is calculated as follows


Which is Equal to 1200 EGP + 250 EGP = 1450 Total transactions with the document + Dealership + theft

Please note that the Deductibles are divided as follows:

Enduring a percentage of insurance amountReducing a percentage of the insurance amount
1 in a thousand5%
2 in a thousand10%
3 per thousand15%
4 in a thousand20%