Motor Protection

  • Complementary  insurance

Motor Comprehensive / Complementary insurance policy

This type of insurance covers the physical damages that may be incurred by the insured car as a result of an accident, as well as the physical damages and civil liability that are caused to the property of others and the liability of the insured in compensation for the accident and the insured has to be responsible for such damages.

  • Collision due to an accident and damage resulting from use.
  • The intentional act of third parties, provided that the offender is not acting in the service of the insured or whether the vehicle is in his custody, possession or control, or from a member of the family.
  • Fire, external explosion or self-ignition.
  • Burglary, theft or initiation.
  • Intentional act of third parties which causes damage to the car.
  • During inland or inland river transport, crossing waterways (from one bank to another), rail transport, or using lifts or lifting machines.

Noting that:

  • Physical civil liability for the property of third parties within the limits of LE 10,000.
  • The document covers personal accidents of passengers.

Alternative key lock Insurance

In the event of an alternative car insurance, the insured will be compensated in the case of loss or theft of the car’s private key within the agreed insurance amount.