Marine Insurance

Marine insurance has become an important element in international and domestic trade where it is unusual for cargo or goods transported by sea, air and / or burglar to be uninsured.

Land insurance policy covering the transport of goods by land and river transport whether transporting your goods or distributing them inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt by cars, river or railways. This policy provides protection for all goods in addition to covering losses or damages that may occur to the goods during transport. These damages maybe due to fire, collision or overturning of the vehicle’s cargo conveyor and can also be extended to cover some additional dangers such as the risk of armed robbery, loading and unloading. As well as some additional optional risks.

Internal and External river transport

Royal Insurance Company offers flexible insurance policies that provide comprehensive protection of goods shipped by land, sea and air during its insurance coverage period, covering the risk of drowning, fire, water damage, breakage or damage caused by a maritime collision. In any case, additional risks of war and unrest may be requested for additional premium.

These policies include:

  • Open coverage of sea and air freight (mostly for one year).
  • Air and sea freight shipment coverage for one trip only.
  • Global Documents Service.

Vessel Body Insurance

Full protection of all types of ships from floating hotels and cruise ships in addition to yachts and small boats, and also covers damage to the structure of the ship and machinery and all damages and losses resulting from drowning or fire or marine collisions, To ships under construction. Through a variety of insurance coverage can be chosen by type of unit and notification.