Personal Accidents Insurance

This type of insurance guarantees individuals a sum of insurance in the event of total or partial disability or weekly payments in case of total temporary disability. This type of insurance also guarantees the heirs of the insured a sum of money and therefore his family is sufficient for the need, especially if this family does not have an uninsured provider. Hence, it is clear to us the importance of this type of insurance if an accident occurs to the insured person. Insurance covers the main hazards that affect humans:

  • Death.
  • Total permanent disability.
  • Permanent partial disability.
  • Total temporary disability.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

This type of insurance guarantees the insured (the employer) compensation for the material losses suffered by him as a result of committing the crime of betrayal of the trust (fraud), in course of employment (whether cash or a commodity).

Cash In Transit insurance

This type of insurance covers the insured for damages or losses resulting from risks such as burglary or loss or damage as a result of act against the will of the person in charge of carrying or accompanying the value of the insured items as indicated in policy, Subject to policy terms and conditions. This insurance covers the during transit of the money as a result of loss and/or against the will of the insured person.

The following risks are excluded from the policy coverage:-

  • Fraud of the employee responsible for the transfer of funds.
  • War, invasion, war, aggression, disturbances, or riots.

In the event of an accident, the insured is required to take the following measures:

  • Notify the police immediately.
  • Notify the insurance company.
  • Take all necessary measures to preserve the rights of the company before others.
  • The person assigned to transfer the money must be alerted to transfer and deliver it within 24 hours from the time of receipt.

Plate Glass Insurance

This type of insurance covers the risk of breaking glass that may be exposed to Shop windows, restaurants, administrative buildings and mirrors covering the walls as a result of losses and damage that may be caused as a direct result of the following:

  • Intentional or negligent act or malice by others.
  • Subsidized of the buildings.
  • Brawls.

Public liability Insurance

The purpose is to compensate the insured for the amounts that he is obliged to pay as a result of a court verdict because of his civil liability for death, bodily injury or physical damage that may occur to others or his property. For example: Securing the civil liability of the owners of shops, offices, stores, contractors, Sports clubs, hotels and tourist villages, hospitals, car drivers, elevators, freelancers, wholesalers and retailers, owners of food factories, pharmaceutical factories. Insurance contracts differ from other types of insurance contracts. For a property that does not include an insurance amount but a ceiling for compensation.

This amount is usually the maximum amount of indemnity per person or group of persons in one accident or group of accidents arising in the insurance year.

Hotels and touristic villages Comprehensive insurance

The coverage includes most of the risks, if not all, that can be exposed to such facilities, namely:

  • Fire, lightning and fire caused by explosion.
  • Chemical explosion, explosion of boilers, steam engines, internal combustion engines and other machines.
  • Riots, civil commission  and labor strikes.
  • Earthquakes, storms, floods and volcanoes.
  • Collisions of vehicles and the fall of aircraft or parts of/from the aircraft.
  • Water tanks, broken water pipes and water leakage from automatic fire extinguishers.
  • Loss of income resulting from the total or partial interruption of the activity due to an accident that’s covered.
  • Burglary.
  • Loss of cash from the iron safes and the inclusion of cashiers and the front office and cash of the hotel.
  • Employees dishonesty.
  • Cash transfer from and to the hotel.
  • The breakage of plate glass.
  • General civil liabilities.
  • Machinery and cooling equipment breakdown.
  • Deterioration if stock in refrigerators caused by machine failure.

Householder Insurance

This insurance covers loss or damage to all or some of the insured items while in the insured property/housing and is a direct result of any of the following risks:

  • Fire and explosion.
  • Earthquakes, storms, winds and floods.
  • Leakage of water and upper water tanks from pipes due to accidental or deliberate intent of non-family members or servants.
  • The act of non-family members, including theft.
  • Accidental loss due to damage to gas pipes – Electrical cables extending between the building and the main source.
  • Repayment of rent upto 10% of the insured amount with a maximum of 3 months in case of alternative housing.