Contractors All Risks Insurance

This Policy covers all works under construction by contractors such as construction works for buildings, hotels, factories, airports, bridges, tunnels, roads, water lines, sewage…..etc.

The Policy includes coverage of these projects as soon as the contractors receives the work site until the handover of the work and the delivery of the project to the principle whether the work is carried out by the main contractor and/or subcontractors and the policy cover losses arising from:

Fire, lightning, explosion, storms, floods, earthquakes, landslides, robberies, , construction equipment, site equipment, collapse, and civil liability related to third parties and property surrounding the project.

Erection All Risks Insurance

This Policy covers all works under erection projects for example central air conditioning systems, means of fire resistance and extinguishing, power plants, sewage plants and works of steel structures in factories and production lines, starting from the storage of materials that will be installed at the site until completion of final tests of operation.

Royal is committed to cover losses and damages arising from:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion, storms, earthquakes, landings and landslides
  • Theft, installation defects and accidents resulting from integrity and responsibility test
  • Third party liability  and property surrounding the project

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This Policy covers all types of machines, equipment and production lines during the operation of these machines or stopping them for to maintain or transport them within the boundaries of the building or to re-install them.

Royal is committed to compensate the insured for losses resulting from design errors, defects of castings, manufacturing materials and explosion, and workers lack of skill on them or disassembled as a result of the centrifugal force and the lack of electric circuits or increase the current and the breakdown of control and safety machines.

Contractors Plant and Machinery Insurance

This policy covers machines and heavy equipment such as cranes, loaders, excavators, mixers, tractors, generators and concrete pumps used in the implementation of various projects.

Royal is committed to compensate the insured for losses resulting from fire, burglary, theft, turn over, accident, error in operation, lack of experience, skill of operators, misuse, landslides and floods. The coverage extends to transporting the equipment to and from different project sites.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

Modern life requires the use of computers, devices, analytical laboratories and radios in hospitals, communication equipment and telephone networks. Therefore, the need for a document that is more multidisciplinary has become a complete protection for this type of equipment. This document covers the losses resulting from:

  • Fire, explosion, lack of electrical circuits and low electric current.
  • Error in operating and negligence unintentionally.
  • Immersion of water and leakage of automatic fire extinguishers and humidity.
  • Sabotage and burglary can also extend insurance coverage to include theft.
  • Lack of skill of workers on equipment and misuse.
  • Loss and damage to the means of storing and storing external information.
  • The cost of re-entering and transferring the information that existed on the devices or the means of storage and preservation.
  • Expenses incurred by the insured, which may be required by the continuation of the efficiency of work such as the rental of alternative equipment and overtime work to store the missing information.

Deterioration of Stock Insurance

This policy covers all types of goods and Food products while stored inside refrigerators and freezing stores. The Insurance Company guarantees the protection of warehouse owners or their tenants, hotels food suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, serum and vaccine factories, fish preservation and freezing companies.

Royal is committed to compensate the insured for losses and damage to food products stored in cold stores due to accidents Arising from:-

  • Disruption of cooling equipment and compressors.
  • Cooling gas leakage.
  • Disruption of cooling reading and temperature control devices.
  • Low cooling capacity for optimum storage of food and stored materials.
  • Public electricity.
  • Lack of adequate cooling of stored goods.