Contractors Plant & Machinery Insurance Proposal

On annual basis
Has any of the plant & machinery to be insured previously been covered by other companies?

Have the plant & machinery to be insured been hired (partly or in total)?
Are the plant & machinery highly exposed to special hazards?
Fire, explosionStorm, cycloneFlood, inundationBlastingLandslideEmployment undergroundEmployment in mountainous terrainEarthquake, volcanic activity, tsunamiother

overtime, night work, work on public holidays?
air freight?
Do you wish the cover to include inland transport?

Important: No insurance is in this force until this Proposal has been accepted by Company
Specification of plant and machinery to be insured
1. Please give full description of all items on the form below including name of manufacturer, type, serial number, capacity, et..
2. Replacement value must be calculated on the current cost of replacing the machine by new machinery of same kind and capacity (inclusive of oil in the case of transformers and other electrical equipment) plus freight charges, custom duties, cost of erection
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